Bottoms Up

Water please!  Depending on your activity level and age, experts suggest 8 to 16 glasses per day. You can create habits to help you accomplish that goal. Think of water as a nutrient that is essential to your health.  Here are the benefits tips to hydrate.

1.     Energizes and relieves fatigue
2.     Flushes toxins
3.     Improves Complexion
4.     Boosts your immune system
5.     Curbs your appetite and helps with weight loss
6.     Hangover Helper
7.     Improves Bad Breath
8.     Keeps you regular

1.     Rise and drink a glass of water.
2.     Have water with all snacks and meals.
3.     Keep a bottle of water with you always so you can sip, sip, sip.
4.     Eat more fruits and vegetables as they are high water content will add to your hydration.
5.     Forego soda – ouch!
6.     Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic beverage (it will also make the next day a whole lot better!).
7.     When choosing additional beverages select drinks that contain water such as ice tea or vitamin water.
8.     Drink water during all physical activity such as workouts, walks and hikes.

Step aside dehydration!  Make your hydration action plan today and you will be swimming with all the benefits of H20. Our bodies and even our brains will function better. Your skin will glow, your eyes will pop and you will look “marvelous!” Bottoms up!!!!

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