Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  If you are like most Americans, you love Mexican food!  It is the third most popular type of food on the restaurant menu but it is also loaded with fat and sodium.  Though the food can be calorie dense, there is a way to have your chips and eat it too!  Here are some tips to help you eat and drink healthier for your celebration.
1.     Skinny your margarita and skip the salt or choose a drink like wine, light beer or straight tequila.
2.     Avoid the chips! If you do indulge put a handful on your plate or order soft corn tortillas instead.
3.     Eat the salsa not guacamole or cheese dips.
4.     Pass on the appetizers which are additional calories you don’t need.
5.     Choose grilled items as opposed to fried food.  Fish and fajitas are the best choice.
6.     Pick soft corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas or hard shells, which can have additional sodium and sugar.
7.     Order healthy sides – black beans not refried; veggies not rice.
8.     Share an entree with your friends to keep traditionally large portions smaller.
9.     Avoid the toppings that can add calories like sour cream, cheese and sauces.
10. Drink water! It helps to fill you up and also flush unwanted salt.

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