Four Week Tone-up and Nutrition Plan

Spring has arrived and Memorial Day is just four weeks away! That means it is time to break out the shorts and the sleeveless shirts!  It also means it is time to tone up and shed those extra winter pounds.  Here are a few fitness and nutrition tips to help you shape up fast.

For your four week workout routine, I recommend full-body exercises to attain the quickest results. That means you are doing exercises that workout your entire body like burpees or jumping jacks.  Also, the best routines for shaping up quickly are high-intensity interval training. For interval training — do 30 to 60 seconds of moderate exercise followed by 30 to 60 seconds of vigorous exercise; repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes each workout. This type of routine will improve your aerobic capacity and build muscle, so you accomplish two goals at the same time. Building muscle results in more calories burned and the aerobic element of the routine will help to slim you down. For the fastest results, I recommend exercising six days with one rest day that includes walking or hiking.  My moto is – work out smarter not harder!

Diet is so crucial to your workout plan! I am a big advocate of portion control (smaller portions than you normally eat or half in this case). Do not eat any packaged foods or refined sugar.  Soda, sugar and salt are a no, no.  Plan your meals and keep it fresh.  Limit eating out and alcohol for the quickest results. And drink plenty of water – experts recommend 64 ounces – but if you are working out you need more!  Walter flushes the salt and toxins from your body that often inhibit weight loss.

One last tip – add walking to your daily routine.  I incorporate a morning and an evening walk.  Anything you can manage will help.  Extra steps make a BIG difference.  An added benefit is the fresh air and additional sunlight will boost your mood and what a perfect start and end to the day.

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