Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around

These days schedules are jam packed.  And getting up early is not always a top priority!? ! And many of us are always looking for A “quick” fitness fix! I know because I’m guilty! There is a solution for those days the early bird didn’t get the worm much less into the gym in the morning.  You can get a quick metabolism boost with a ten minute in-home workout.  A good strategy for high-calorie burn is a high intensity interval workout because it burns fat and creates lean muscle.  So, if you are rushed and don’t have time for a morning visit to the gym or a fitness class don’t scrap the workout altogether.  Because something is better than nothing. Pull yourself out of bed and do a 10 minute jump rope routine.  Work in the intervals by going hard for two minutes then back off for a minute.  That one interval can be repeated three times. The more intervals you complete the better the burn and after-burn effect.

This simple exercise burns calories fast, is easy to do in your bedroom, and engages your full-body.  When jumping you are utilizing your arms, legs, back, shoulders and core!  An average adult (150 pounds) burns approximately 125 calories per 10 minutes. Who thought that your childhood game could be so beneficial!

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