Feeling weary and fatigued? It is a common complaint. There are many reasons for generalized fatigue.  Some of them include lack of sleep, too much caffeine or alcohol, poor diet, irregular eating habits, vitamin deficiencies, poor gut health, hormones, medications, toxins and stress!   The good news is that there are simple lifestyle changes that can reverse the effects of fatigue.  Keep in mind that physical activity and nutrition are a key ingredient to pumping up your energy levels.  As always, you should talk to your doctor if you have chronic tiredness because it can be linked to diseases.  Below are some fatigue fighting tips that might help you.


Sleep 8 hours per night
Balance your diet
Eat regularly to keep up your energy
Reduce the sugar, fat and salt in your diet
Add Omega 3s to your diet to boost your energy
Exercise or physical activity
15 minute de-stress meditation breaks

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