Weekend Anti-Bloating Tips!

Making weekend plans? Include these tips in your planning if you are looking for a flatter belly for a party or day at the beach.  Your stomach can morph overnight depending on what foods you consume.  I am referring to stomach distention that can cause a bulge and make your skinny jeans hard to zip.  The good news is that this extra bloat that makes us uncomfortable and makes clothes a little bit tighter is not necessarily weight gain.  It can be due to your nutrition or health habits. Here are some suggestions that produce tummy-flattening results for the weekend and can also make you feel better:

1.     Cut out all soda, even diet!
2.     Skip the high salt packaged foods.
3.     Avoid alcohol which can puff you.
4.     Add ginger to your diet to aid in digestion.
5.     Eat plenty of fiber to keep you regular.
6.     Stay away from foods that tend to give you gas like broccoli
7.     Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
8.     Drink 64 ounces or more of water.

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